Dec 18, 2020
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Company information

Message from the President

Haneda Kosan Co., Ltd. originated in the business started by our first president in 1946. The business was incorporated in 1962. Through dealing in iron and steel products, semi-finished products and materials, as well as processing steel, for many years, Haneda Kosan has established business relationships with companies in industries including the iron, steel and railway industries.

In 1973, Haneda Kosan started exporting. Through exporting Japan's high-quality iron and steel products, semi-finished products and recycled products to developing Asian countries and other countries, Haneda Kosan has been serving the strong iron and steel needs around the world.

Haneda Kosan's strength lies in our people. Our small groups of expert highly-trained employees have experience in their respective duties, including dismantling, recycling and international trade. Our motto is "Exceeding customer expectations, we work hard to increase customer value."

Haneda Kosan's history has seen Japan's postwar reconstruction, rapid economic growth, the bubble and its bursting, economic globalization, Asian growth and increased awareness of recycling and reuse. Throughout our history, we continue to seek better products and services for our customers, working hard to address the economic and social changes in Japan and abroad.

Today, we are facing major changes again including big data, AI, self-driving and other innovative technologies and resources as well as energy. In this new era, we at Haneda Kosan are determined to discover work that only we can perform and create added value.

Your continued assistance and patronage are appreciated.

Yoshimasa Igarashi

Company Profile

Name of the Company HANEDA KOSAN CO., LTD.
Head Office 4-8, Higashiyukigaya 2-Chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 145-0065 Japan
President Yoshimasa Igarashi
Date of Establishment Oct. 24, 1962
Amount of Capital JPY10,000,000.

Brief History

1946 Kihachiro Igarashi, who became our first president, started Haneda Metal.
1962 Incorporated as Haneda Kosan Co., Ltd.
1966 Yoshitake Igarashi was appointed president
1973 Started exporting NSC & NKK steel semi-products and materials to South Korea and Taiwan
1979 Started importing prime thick plates from Dongkuk Steel (South Korea)
1981 Started importing prime H-Beams from Inchon Steel (South Korea) as the company's sole agent in Japan
1985 Started importing prime sheet piles from Kangwon Industries Ltd. (South Korea) as the company's sole agent in Japan
1987 Started importing prime H-beams from Thyssen (West Germany), Peine-Salzgitter (West Germany), Arbed (Luxembourg), Norsk (Norway), Aristrain (Spain), Huta Katovice (Poland) and others
1988 Started importing steel semi-products and products from iron manufacturing complexes in the Soviet Union, as well as intermediately trading with southeast Asia
1998 Became a direct dealer of POSCO (Korea) for steel scrap and achieved annual sales of approximately 100,000 MT of scrap in 1998
2002 Exported approximately 240,000 MT of steel products, semi-products and steel scrap from Japanese mills (NSC, NKK, Kawasaki Steel, Sumitomo Metal, Kobe Steel and others) to China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Bangladesh and other countries
2003 Started dealing in scrap from Far East Russia
2013 Yoshitake Igarashi was appointed the chairman and Yoshimasa Igarashi the president